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THE Telemarketing Defense and Compliance Law Firm

THE Telemarketing Defense and Compliance Law Firm

THE Telemarketing Defense and Compliance Law FirmTHE Telemarketing Defense and Compliance Law FirmTHE Telemarketing Defense and Compliance Law Firm

What Can A Telemarketing Lawyer Do For Me?

A telemarketing lawyer help you know how to defend a TCPA class action lawsuit.  They can help you avoid telemarketing fines by getting you a telemarketing license and helping you have excellent telemarketing compliance.  A telemarketing lawyer can save you money by finding exemptions to the do not call law and telemarketing registration.  A telemarketing lawyer can help you legally conduct SMS and cell phone telemarketing by complying with autodialer law.  A telemarketing lawyer can help you understand the new FCC rules about robocall law and cell do not call.  Use an experienced telemarketing attorney to train you about telemarketing rules and telemarketing regulations.  Our telemarketing lawyers can help you legally generate, sell or buy leads.  A telemarketing lawyer can draft agreements between call centers and their clients, dialers, lead providers and fulfillers.  If you receive a telemarketing complaint, a telemarketing lawyer can help you with an attorney general response.  A telemarketing lawyer can perform a telemarketing compliance audit of your company. Finally, if you are being investigated or sued, a telemarketing lawyer can defend you from false and exaggerated allegations. 

Why Allen Legal?

Across the country, Allen Legal helps telemarketers, sellers, dialer vendors and lead generators navigate the complex regulatory environment  surrounding telemarketing compliance.  We advocate an aggressive, business-centered approach to telemarketing compliance, enabling our business clients to get where they need to be while minimizing legal risks. We work as a partner with our call center clients to develop creative solutions to legal hurdles.  Our firm has advised numerous business clients regarding telemarketing compliance, and has defended telemarketers in lawsuits, administrative citations, and government investigations.  Our attorney's have defended numerous call centers at administrative hearings as well as in state and federal court, including nationwide telemarketing class actions.  Allen legal has defended many TCPA class actions.  Most importantly, we can help you comply with the law so you never need to defend lawsuits or fines in the first place. Additional telemarketing law resources are available here. Click here to watch a video about general telemarketing compliance.

Telemarketing Law Firm

Telemarketing Law Firm

THE Telemarketing Compliance and Defense Firm is brought to you by Allen, Mitchell & Allen PLLC, a private law firm serving the telemarketing industry.  If your business needs the advice or representation of a telemarketing lawyer, you have come to the right place. Consider signing up for our online telemarketing compliance course.

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